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those of you that know us, aminal the band never happened, except for an incident at ashburnham with a talent like contest, where we unveiled our one good song "britney", needless to say the show was a shambles, but we did have drums and a bass, courtesy of bryno and johnny d. making us an actual band for like the first and i think last time. but here are some photo's of the days of just me and mat jaming badly. this was taken from the first video we did, not long after we started aminal. the non-bald days,

clearly 2 awesome dudes enthused

we really new how to rock out, ashaa, only joking, its tricky keeping balance standing on the bed.

either rockin' it or losing me balance just messed up

it wasnt entertaining, well u could laugh at us now for being so lame. somehow we thought we were good.

looking at what im doing doesnt help posh spice cleavage, on the left, to the right of mat

thats all there is for now, gonna re do it sometime, make it full on, aminal style. take this link back to aminal homepage