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about aminal

aminal is a band from the south east of medievil England iowa (just kidding), formed as teens back in 1997, aminal started to jam on influences such as Pearl Jam, Guns n Roses, Aerosmith and Nirvana. None of which seems present in the music today. With Matt on lead guitar, 2nd vocals and composer of percusion using the computer, and phil on rhythm guitar and vocals, all music is original and written by aminal, though perhaps video games play a significant role in the inspiration of particular lyrics, beaches is a classic example of this (see the video on youtube).

aminals only presence is online and amongst friends. Over the years there have been rare performances, a couple of songs at ashburnham and a private party on the millenium new year. The ethos is that it is just for fun, mostly because the dream of stardom died many a year ago back in yore. But then the songs can hardly be taken seriously, and some are pretty dated now, and the subjects make little sense or are forgotten, the britney song in particular has references to events that happend back in 1999 that may only be reckognised by fans, hopefully i can mix up a video for the song with clips and press releases at some point for it to make some sense (unlike my grammar). Please sign up to the forum, give it a reason for existance other than beacause i could.

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