That's a big ten four, this is sheriff Beaford T Justsice, of Texas.

The music


We wrote this song back in 1999 when britney was hot and new, i think it was around the time of 'oops i did it again' came out as a video. Back then i wasn't experienced on the computer and was wanting to do a powerpoint thing of britney spears, so mat sorted it out, and that was the focus of a bored afternoon. Over the next few days a cheesey song was born, it seemed popular amongst our friends and there's even some video evidence of it at a talent contest whilst at asburnham bible week. I'm not wearing a hat and i look totally goofy so the video will never see the light of day, and as the band with John on bass and Bryn on drums hadn't actually rehersed, i doubt you'll find or want audio for it either.

Old Town

There was a time in 1998, i was playing a lot of retro rpg's, mostly zeldas, but also maniac mansion i think and some others, hard to remember now, but definatley 'zelda- the adventure of link' and 'a link to the past'. These spawned a song about the things that go on in the games and is one that i'm almost proud of.


Written mid to late 2006, it was the first in a long time, the majority of the lyrics are from what i saw on the intro of the game, Matt came up with the chorus and was highly humerous at the time, it somehow lost part of that humour in recording though. Still its a nice song about a video game, 'dead or alive xtreme beach volleball', beautiful.

All i want this Christmas is games

It was already december when we thought of writing a Christmas themed song, less than a week later it was written and recorded (can you tell), two long weeks later i eventually got the video ready for youtube. Unfortunately the song won't be as relevant come Christmas 2007+ because two of the games in the chorus were anticipated last year and now knowone cares about them anymore. But with a new Nights game coming to the Nintendo Wii late 2007, maybe i can cunningly tag the video again to pick up the Christmas NiGHTS interest.

Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi was written around the same time as Britney. What started as a laugh turned into a "we might as well" have it as one to the list. It's short and sounds not so good on the recording, but it is a good song (maybe because its over quite quickly), and now has a video. I think Matts cool solo makes this song though.

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